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Late Night

Designer: PearlGirlMakeup

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She’s the life of the party at your girls night out. She’s longer, but just the right amount of wisp and drama.  Offering great lengths and with the thicker clusters of lashes, this will make the lashes appear more voluminous.  The perfect lash for the illusion of giving you bigger eyes, and perfect for a smokey eye.
Our sultry lashes are 100% premium mink, handcrafted and lightweight to fit the eye comfortably.  Our designs are created to perfection for a long lasting wear. Discover our exquisite collection of styles you can wear continuously, suitable for any occasion and eye shape.




10 - 15 mm


Premium, Ethically sourced mink


Handcrafted, comfortable cotton band

Wear Period

Upwards of 20 wears

Best Suited for

Close set eyes,hooded, almond, wide set, deep set, round, upturned, downturned