PearlGirlMakeup Story

Michaela Pearl founded PearlGirlMakeup in 2017.  She is a versatile professional Hair and Makeup artist who specializes within the Bridal industry.  Past brides will tell you that Michaela is passionate about her craft, and has great attention to detail.     

Michaela leans on the theory of artistry while consistently updating her knowledge of trends and beauty techniques.

She is very dedicated to perfecting all aspects of the overall look, while bringing her clients vision to life! With more than 6 years within the industry, Michaela strives to translate her passion into every client.

Michaela knows a look is never complete without a great pair of lashes.  Michaela wanted to elevate every client's experience with an amazing lash.  A quality lash that everyone can enjoy, that fits with their unique personality, PearlGirlMakeup created.

Her line of lashes are 100% premium, ethically sourced mink or synthetic.  Look in the lash description to see the material.  Each lash is handcrafted with love and is lightweight, fitting the eye comfortably. Her designs are created to perfection for a long lasting wear.